A Month of Holiday Joy and Love!

December is Here! We are so happy to share in the Joy and Love of the Season!
We can’t wait to share it with you! Below is an opportunity to see the many events we have
happening and to top the season off, WE ARE HAVING AN EVENT!
Should be great! Come check it out on the attached flyer and help us celebrate the season!
Can’t wait to see all!

JOC_Dec Events

And here is our Open House Fun!   Holiday_openHouse_flyer

Holiday Open House Time!

Tis the Season! It’s here, a wonderful and giving time of the year!
We will be having a Holiday Open House with all sorts of fun things happening.
Check it out and enjoy your Holidays with all you consider family and friends!

December 18-20, 2015

Fri-Dec 18 1 -7 pm  •  Sat-Dec 19 10am- 6pm  •  Sun-Dec 20 1 -5 pm


Confidence & Change


Have you ever noticed how much of your time is spent in your head? How often do you keep repeating the same thoughts, churning through repetitive perceptions of a situation, and re-thinking and re-thinking and re-thinking a conversation or experience? We all have been there and we often wonder “why can’t we get it out of our head”. We worry, we analyze, we create different scenarios, we battle within. The whole thing is quite exhausting!   Read more… Confidence & Change

3 Responses to Life’s Challenges

How do you react to Fear, Changes, Sadness, Anxiety, Depression?

There are 3 basic styles in which we tend to respond to life’s inevitable challenges.  Take a moment to examine these styles and determine with which you most identify.  Does your response style empower you to grow as a result of overcoming obstacles, or does it allow you to be sidelined by them?  Learn a few steps you can take to become the kind of person who thrives on life’s challenges.

challenges3 Response Types-Sept10-15 (1)

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