To achieve maximum glowing health you must work on the mental, physical,  emotional and spiritual soul that is defined by you. At Journeys of Change we bring  together the Wellness, Work & Wonder of life to help you find the Courage to Change  and the Opening for Opportunity.

 Make A CHOICE Today to Start Living the Life You WANT!

At Journeys of Change we offer Personalized Life Coaching and Small Business Coaching and Consulting.

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Personalized Life Coaching

A Life Coach is someone that …

  • SUPPORTS you to define what you want for your future
  • SEEKS CLARITY on that which is stopping you from taking action
  • Designs ways to OVERCOME OBSTACLES holding you back
  • Assists in CREATING A ACTION MAP to achieve Success
  • And holds you ACCOUNTABLE for taking positive action
We provide a Creative Catalyst for Positive Ideas, Action & Courage to Achieve Your Dreams!

A Life Coach deals with where you are now and where you want to go. We do not use a “one-system works for all” approach. We work hard to understand your needs, your learning styles, and work proactively with you to develop systems that work for you as an individual.

Cathi Foster has been providing Life Coaching services for over 20 years and is experienced with many personality types. She is experienced in working with the procrastinator, the scattered, the lonely & bored, and the anxious, depressed, bipolar & mentally distressed. We do not use a “one-system works for all” approach.  We work hard to understand your needs, you’re learning styles, and work proactively with you to develop systems that work for you as an individual.

A Life Coach is NOT a Licensed Therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist! A Life Coach is not trained as a licensed doctor or therapist, and we are not able to diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications. However, we fully support and believe in the invaluable services provided by these individuals. There are many situations where a licensed therapist or mental health professional are the best option. We work cooperatively in helping clients find the best fit for their individual needs, and we support all types of healing and discovery therapies. In addition, we at JOC believe that if you have been prescribed medications for any mental or physical ailment that it is vitally important that you maintain your medication regimen on a regular and consistent basis for best results.

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The average rate for Life Coaching services range from $175 – $300 per hour .. and UP!

Journeys of Change believes in supporting the average Working American!

Journeys Life Coaching Normal COST:    $135 per 2-week Session


Two Week Coaching Session Outline:

One-on-One Session = 1 ½ hours

  • 1-Hour Meeting Session
  • Arrive 15 minutes before session time – complete worksheets, clear Chakras, deep breath relaxation
  • 15 minutes after session – complete worksheet, affirmations, deep breath release & movement exercise
  • Client will receive within 48 hours an outline of their coaching session and tasks planning report

Follow-up Phone Session = 15-20 minutes

  • Follow-up Phone Session is scheduled for the following week after 1-1 session
  • Clients will receive action plans, follow-ups, tools and intuitive information via email during the 2-week period of each Coaching Session. Coaching is an interactive relationship that requires certain projects be completed after each session.

We recommend a minimum of 6 Coaching Sessions for Optimal Results!


 Small Business Coaching & Consulting

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in the USA!   Don’t let your dreams of working for yourself fade away.  A small business coach is like having a great partner to lean on. We offer 30 years of experience in the small business structure, business plans, marketing, accounting, human resources and cost effective problem solving. Para-Legal & QuickBooks Pro Advisor!

The REALITY of small businesses remains the same as it has for generations:

  • Too many people start their businesses without enough research, experience and capital to survive the first year.
  • People start a business based on what they KNOW HOW TO DO … and believe that will be enough. (It’s NOT!)
  • It is cost prohibitive for most small business owners to hire an attorney or accountant qualified and experienced in small business.
  • Small business owners often think they can ignore the complex issues of business ownership and then find themselves in trouble – financially, with the government, with employees, with clients.

The best way to insure your business succeeds is to hire a Business Coach & Consultant that is experienced, successful and committed to your success.


 Small Business Coaching & Consulting Sessions:

Rate for Small Business Coaching:

$75.00 per session

Project Specific Business Support:

 $70 per hour (Set fee rates are available)